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The Air Force brought me to Colorado Springs in 1987.  In 1993 Colorado became my home.  After
a career in military photography, then another as an accountant, I decided to do something closer
to the one constant in my life - my interest and openness to 'holistic' and 'alternative' health
methods.  Massage therapy is my joy!
We can do much for ourselves to improve and maintain our health and vitality.  There are many
different paths to healing our bodies.  I believe, as many do that Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue,
Trigger Point, and Lymphatic massage therapies, eastern therapies such as  Acupressure and
Shiatsu, as well as, energy healing therapies such as NET, Therapeutic Touch, and Sound
Therapy can help maintain our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
I have also become a big believer in yoga.  Stretching for your health, breath and flexibility can do
wonders for you structurally, physically, and a 'big added plus' your mental health.  Don't be afraid
to try it.  Since being a massage therapist I have found that stretching and breathing is vital to our
health.  There is that famous saying "You're only as young as you are flexible!"  
My belief as a 'human being' is, we are much more
than a physical body.  The image of the huge floating
ocean iceberg created by Ralph Clevenger, 1999. (
http://www.successories.com ) is a good
analogy of the mystery and the depths of our inner
'unseen' being. Beautiful!

Massage Therapy, City of Colorado Springs, 2002 - 2009
Colorado State License
April 2009 - 2020

Massage Therapy October 2002, 1150 hours,
Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy (CIMT)
Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), August 2002
Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy (CIMT)
Lymph Drainage Therapy, Level 1, August 2002
Upledger Institute
Cranial Sacral Therapy, Level 1, October 2002
Upledger Institute
Therapeutic Touch, Levels 1,2,3, November 2003 to March 2004
Therapeutic Touch Organization,
Contact Reflex Analysis, July 2004
Healing Images Technique, Beginning & Advanced Level, October 2004
(neurological / emotional release and Applied Kineseology)
Dr. John Daugherty, Colorado Springs, CO
Basic Acupressure Techniques, March 2008
SomaEnergetics, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Level 1, May 2011
Taping Techniques Level 1,  July 2018
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Member of the
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
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